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This document is not written by, or associated with the Deno team in any way. The information here is incomplete and haunted by spirits conjured into existence by the evils within. Go in peace, take heed and remember that this is all written by a third party.

Go forth, and be protected by the Deno Shrine Maiden.

The Dark Arts of Deno Foreign Function Interface

The Denonomicon digs into all the sordid details of the Deno Foreign Function Inteface (henceforth Deno FFI or just FFI). It is intended to bridge any knowledge gaps left behind by the Deno Manual and TypeScript definitions of FFI.

This document will not provide guidance on TypeScript programming itself, nor will it explain any Deno specific APIs used other than FFI itself. If you want to know how to write Deno programs, then refer to the Deno Manual. If you want to know how to interface with C APIs from Deno, how to do it well and what sorts of pitfalls await you, then please do come in.

The Denonomicon logo and menu title were designed by hashrock, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.